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Creating a global research and insight report for executive, strategy and R&D teams at Sony


I think it’s really important to have a clear view of the social and technological change in the world around us, and at Sony I am in a small, global team that works on presenting this future world view to both the design and business units of the company.
Through international research, detailed analysis and collaborative workshops, we produce a document that paints a picture of the future to come, and we aim to identify the insights that will be most important and actionable for Sony. The report is designed to guide, inform and inspire future decisions and strategy, and as well as being delivered to executive, strategy and R&D teams, it’s also available to all employees in the company.
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Global research

The project is lead by 6 core members, and much of our insights for the report come from first hand research and analysis. Each year we organize global research trips to explore some of the major drivers in society and technology, and we meet with people, communities and organisations that are working on progressive and innovative projects. I have lead teams on research trips to France, Netherlands, UK, Finland and Estonia, and have joined trips in China and Japan.
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On our trips we try to generate insights in a number of ways - interviews, first hand experiences, cultural exchanges, collaborative sessions, etc - and we then organise a yearly cross-team workshop to share and synthesise the research. The aim is to take these early insights and work them into wider, more actionable themes, and to create something that helps Sony drive more focused innovation.  
As well as working on the yearly global futures report, I also make monthly reports that look at the latest and most interesting changes. Focusing specifically on Europe, I look at how technology is changing and shaping our lives, and pick out insights and observations that are particularly important to Sony, and suggest ways they can be acted upon.
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