This project that looks to address the way domestic technology is designed and exists within our homes.

Mediumwave is a microwave that prioritises the relationship we have with it - both in terms of how its used and how we live with it.

Gizmodo (It's not for your car)

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A set of Corian® makeup tools that have replaceable makeup cartridges and brushes, allowing the user to keep the set throughout their lives.

This project looks to shift the perception of value from seductively styled consumable products to more practical and sustainable objects that can be personalized and kept for years. It aims to change the way in which makeup is consumed, interacted with, and ultimately, valued.

LS:N Global

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3 pin power plug

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Vacuum formed pendant light.

Whilst in Germany, I managed to get my hands on about 25 sheets of a beautiful, unidentified plastic (all I could fit in my suitcase). With no idea of the what was possible with the material, and my stock diminishing with every unsuccesful attempt to manipulate it, this project brought me more problems than I could imagine.

The result is 6 succesful, stackable pendant lights.

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Self-righting candle / Homage

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Using technology to re-introduce physicality into our increasingly digitalised lives.

A printable domestic perfume factory. New technologies can be used to introduce methods of production not previously achievable in the home, and encourage and empower people to create and make with their hands.

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We worked with Alena to design a device that would allow her to thread a needle so she can carry out repairs. She is visually impaired and found it almost impossible to do so, with existing devices not working for her.