This project that looks to address the way domestic technology is designed and exists within our homes.

The microwave is a key example of a piece of technology that has had very little design thought given to it. Mediumwave is a microwave that prioritises the relationship we have with it - both in terms of how its used and how we live with it.

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A set of Corian® makeup tools that have replaceable makeup cartridges and brushes, allowing the user to keep the set throughout their lives.

This project looks to shift the perception of value from seductively styled consumable products to more practical and sustainable objects that can be personalized and kept for years. It aims to change the way in which makeup is consumed, interacted with, and ultimately, valued.

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Switch is an alarm clock with two positions, one for night and one for day.

In it’s upright position, the alarm is set, and the clock faces you when you are lying down. To turn the alarm off, tilt the clock backwards. It now faces you when you are up and about during the day.

Designed as a concept for twentytwentyone

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The way we interact with technology has become more accessible, understandable, and human centered. This is in contrast to what we receive from a WiFi Router. Shiny plastic boxes with no physcial qualities, rather than seeing the network it facilitates as a consolidated system, we are a passive and reliant part in it. Technical jargon, and lack of a clear, centralised port of call, make it a confusing system to negotiate

PAN is a wireless router that is communicative, responsive, and accessible. An integrated light provides tangible information on the network speed and the number of devices connected - actions taken can be seen and understood in real time. A corresponding app acts as central hub for accessing relevant and more detailed information. PAN looks to provide a consolidated, understandable, and connected home network.

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Lever Handle

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An exercise in designing for an established brand, this project have me a chance to explore the design language of three very different companies. Starting with basic layout sketching at 1:1, I continued to develop and refine ideas through hand-sketching and rendering, before moving onto Adobe Illustrator to produce profile renders and refine and define details.

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3 pin power plug

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Vacuum formed pendant light.

Whilst in Germany, I managed to get my hands on about 25 sheets of a beautiful, unidentified plastic (all I could fit in my suitcase). With no idea of the what was possible with the material, and my stock diminishing with every unsuccesful attempt to manipulate it, this project brought me more problems than I could imagine.

The result is 6 successful, stackable pendant lights.

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